He has to be joking.
They will take the field Saturday against BYU despite persecution of lgbt people on BYU's campus.
Emmert cannot possibly have his head so deep in the sand that he has not heard of the struggles, loneliness and outright discrimination at BYU and other "Christian" schools.
Yes, the Obama Administration has regularly given licenses to discriminate to religious institutions and ncaa members.LeTourneau University, an ncaa Division III school in Texas, has banned its gay student-athletes from dating and has banned all athletes from vocalizing support for same-sex marriage.The ban was overturned in 2003.Louis and other cities.The school's student-athlete handbook, complete with ncaa logo, now reads."The ncaa Constitution clearly states our values of inclusion and gender equity, along with the membership's expectation that we as the Board of Governors protect those values for all the ncaa said in a statement.The ncaa made a great public relations move when it sex Täter Registrierung ada county announced this week that it would remove all championship events from North Carolina, in response to the state's anti-lgbt "HB2" law.If wie treffen frauen entscheidungen the ncaa is serious, it is only a matter of time before BYU gets kicked out of the association."When will the ncaa be concerned for their protection and safety?While we focus so much of our energies on "the South" and "rural" schools, those last two are in the Los Angeles area.Erskine College has tried to ban gay student-athletes.The, texas Republican Party gives a whole new meaning to the word conservative."We believe in providing a safe and respectful environment at our events and are committed to providing the best experience possible for college athletes, fans and everyone taking part in our championships ncaa president Mark Emmert said in a statement.Note: Ohio passed a statute and a constitutional amendment in the same year.

Or the ncaa is failing on their own stated commitment.
If they are not removed in a timely fashion, this move by the ncaa out of North Carolina was truly just a public relations maneuver that I'm afraid too many people fell for.