Gheorghe Dumitrescu Former Securitate officer.
The moment chosen to propagate in the media the information included in the appendix to this new Armageddon (which includes approximately 1,600 names) is delicate.
Ilie Vranceanu A former putzfrau gesucht winterthur Securitate officer.Later, during Virgil Magureanus mandate, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and then to colonel.Petre Arsene Former Securitate officer.After the December 1989 events, he was brought back into active service in the SIE.Vasile Alexoie Before best sex dating site 2014 1989, he was chief suche putzfrau zittau of the Securitate in Roman.He was involved in activities aimed at combating the foreign radio stations that used to broadcast in Romanian.Nicolae Dinca Former Securitate officer, taken into the SRI as major.Sie reden immer von Liebe die wir geben sollen, aber sie verbreiten Vernichtung.Olimpian Ungherea A former Securitate officer.In 1997, at a signal from behind the scenes, he forwarded his resignation in a boisterous manner.He left the system temporarily.The SRIs branches in Transylvania also took part in that difficult task.Our editorial office got it from the Press Monitoring Agency, which says that, as far as it is concerned, it just got it like you catch a ball when playing sports.In June 1994, he was appointed head of the Oltenia Regions Operational Center.Ich habe das für mein Wohnort getan und so alle Mitarbeiter gefunden.Constantin Muraru A former Securitate officer.They do this on purpose to show us that we are worth diddly-squat to them!The anomaly was obvious: the espionage service of a country seeking nato membership was left in the hands of a man who had spied on nato.Aurel Teodorescu A former Securitate officer in Bucharest.He took advantage of that countys status as a disadvantaged area.

Alin Vivian Tudose A former Securitate colonel in the Second Directorate in charge of economic counterintelligence.
He was removed from office in July 1998.
Valer Andreica Former Securitate officer, taken by the SRI with the rank of major.