Specifies an integer Unix timestamp.
Default is the current local time (time Technical Details Return Value: Returns a dating site for high sex drive formatted date string on success.
Valid range of timestamp is now from Fri, 20:45:54 GMT to Tue, 03:14:07 GMT.L - Whether it's a leap year (1 if it is a leap year, 0 otherwise) o - The ISO-8601 year number.This is what I'd been doing in the past: / don't do this yourself, use the second example below datetime date Y-m-d.Then yesterday I saw some sample code where a character was escaped and double checked in the manual.However, there's no guarantee that 'x' will never have a format associated with it and at some stage in the future a format may be assigned.I receive a datetime from a plugin.False on failure PHP Version:.2 PHP Date/Time Reference.Syntax date( format, timestamp Parameter, description format, required.False on failure an E_warning PHP Version: 4 suche frau fur meinen sohn Changelog: PHP.1.0: Added E_strict and E_notice time zone errors.Specifies the format of the outputted date string.There are more examples in the manual page - scroll down to the examples on that page where you can find a whole bunch of escaping examples.Date H:i:s By escaping the T with a you can do it with one call to the date function, which is much more sensible and I don't know why was ist die Fälligkeit auf eine Hypothek I never checked the online documentation in the past to see if it could be done.
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