Prum: Yes, I think their lives are basically devoid of the aesthetic.
But I find it not unjustified to speculate that some long-term bonds among birds might be similar to what we experience as love.
But if she's fertilized by force, then some random male will father her kids, which means that her offspring are less likely to inherit the attractive traits that she and other females like.Prum: Well, we don't know for sure, of course.And that is how male weapons were gradually chipped away and male dominance behavior was weakened.Prum: You name.I can't imagine anything that humans could do that is aesthetically as fascinating as that.If you want to express yourself send your stories to us email protected.One feature that I think was transformed by female mate choice is the reduction of male canines.Fandom Contributor Program, press Inquiries, advertising, connect with.Prum: You are right: In our world, we do associate violations of autonomy with abuses of power.This warbler introduced aesthetic content from sex on first date reddit another continent into the acoustic environment of Europe.He found an inexhaustible variety of methods with which males solicit the pleasure of their female mates.
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