Whoever they are: agents of the visible, colonisers of the void, externalising forces.
This idea of feminism as a perspective grants it (problematic) vision but not ownership.
But havent we always been positioned on the side of the void?which constructs it as a mysterious and omniscient system, pervasive and unchangeable.Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, was a young girl who was raped, abducted, and dragged down to Hell to live in a forced marriage as the child-bride of her uncle for the rest of eternity.Unlike Wollens statements girls OWN THE void and back OFF fuckers!Audrey Wollen is right about one thing: being a girl, or being a woman is very hard, and it is unimaginably painful.The spatial dimensions and possessive relations of feminism are sex treffen parkplatz so overwhelmed by context: if feminism is first and foremost a way of looking at the world, then we perhaps cannot really say that some objects are feminist, but rather only that there is a feminist.The subjects ability to synthesise objects under categories gives us the ability to identify objects outside of use in space but also to identify our body, which then becomes a strange double, or even triple-object: that which is and isnt an object, that which.Does feminism have any objects it could call its own?Presenting such images as if they exemplify feminist rebellion might help her feel better about what shes doing for a moment, but for everyone else watching, it only reinforces the misogynistic concept that women exist to be hurt.Williams gab zu, dass der Witz seit Jahren unangenehme Auswirkungen hat, die er nach eigenen Angaben nicht einberechnet habe, als er ihn live riss.Im writing now because Im fed up and I want change.I want to take seriously Wollens void, regardless of how she meant it (and perhaps it was meant as a serious joke in the first place).That last one isnt hard to picture.But both the object-in-itself and the self-in-itself, and the body, in Kant, remain fundamentally unknown.Being personally unsure how these approaches would work out for women as a subjugated sex class in our effort to extricate ourselves from male supremacist I turned to the oracle that is the collective for counsel.
Like Judy Garland, Norma/Marilyn struggled with depression and substance abuse in adulthood, and died of a barbiturate overdose at the age.

PM: Wollen says that Its dangerous to have your radical politics caught in a cycle of reactiontrying to disprove the patriarchy, as if the patriarchy actually has some logic or evidence behind.
This could also be part of a feminism of the void, in the sense of no longer standing for it, where it could be any number of things that one objects.
Is a feminism of the void a kind of separatism?