EVO spear Series available in 2133MHz to 3466MHz frequencies, optimized for the Intel Core X, i7, i5 Processors as well as Z200 and X299 Series Chipset.
With the demand for RGB illuminated PC components rapidly growing, not only hardcore gamers but also mainstream users are looking for fancy RGB gaming memory.
In fact, it had to be clocked all the way down to DDR4-3227 before the errors could be eliminated.This includes the EVO Potenza, EVO Spear, EVO Forza, Super Luce, Pristine, and DragonRAM series.Unfortunately, the Super Luce DDR4-3400 modules rely on the bad behavior of motherboard companies to work.Geil states the EVO Spear series is intended for gamers, enthusiasts, and case modders looking for a cost-effective upgrade.GeIL Releases EVO spear DDR4 Hardcore Memory for PC Gamers "EVO spear Series, best friend Armbänder für zwei and EVO spear AMD Edition Series are ideal for gamers, enthusiasts, and case modders looking to maximize gaming performance with minimum investment.Photoshop allowed me to combine several screenshots into a single image and focus only on the automatic configuration settings.Well look into both concerns as we compare three of its rivals.A little cropping and cramming allows us to see in one image that the MSI motherboard, when XMP-3400 is enabled, sets the board to 127.6MHz bclk, with a hidden 5:4 core-to-I/O strap ratio and hidden 30x CPU multiplier.The EVeires not only excels from the Super Luce Series asthetically, the technological breakthrough in high performance memory illumination transcends even further.If we ignore the wrong board, wrong speed XMP-based performance for the Super Luce, we see that apples-to-apples comparisons produce a lot of apples.The dimms use standard height heat sinks ensuring zero mechanical interference from the sticks.Cons, we faced extreme difficulties getting Geils Super Luce DDR4-3400 to run at its rated settings, and never achieved complete stability at those settings.Inheriting the stylish design from the previous generation, super luce RGB sync Series Gaming Memory upgrades the LED lighting effect from single color LED to RGB LED, providing the fanciest lighting effect for gamers looking for RGB memory products without cable management.The heat spreader covers a black PCB, and in an effort to remain cost effective, RGB LEDs are not on the EVO Spear line.Test System Components, test Results.That same company has now announced availability of their evdr4 memory kits.Though the Super Luce DDR4-3400 kit wasnt stable at XMP settings on our hardware, we can already hear value-seeking overclockers screaming back at us but its cheaper and clocks higher than its closest competitor.Read full story Press Release by btarunr Jan 18th, 2016 13:56 Discuss (0 Comments) EpicGear, international vendor of high-quality and competitive-oriented gaming peripherals, announces the first addition to their top-tier gaming product line-up for 2016 - their gaming headset SonorouZ.Just when we were beginning to think 3ds Max wouldnt show a difference between various memory configurations, we suddenly find one shortfall.These modules are practically identical to the.

The actual Open Box product may differ in packaging and included accessories, but has been tested to ensure basic functionality.