In Being There, Eve tries to seduce Chance The Gardener ; when he tells her "I like to watch" - he's referring to television - she proceeds to pleasure herself on the floor.
The girls are both relieved and happy to pose for pictures.When Victor arrives in Transylvania via train, he overhears another couple having the same argument.(r) Choke his chicken!And then he meets Tom.Ax-Crazy Sako of Upotte!!Steve, Coupling, most people masturbate, although it's not something you'd bring up in polite conversation."A police car has just called at the Hamiltons' house, the Chandlers are taking delivery of a new wardrobe, and the Mitchell's are having sex." Hearing this, the boy's parents shot bolt upright.In Emp's case, it's because her super-suit massively enhances sensation and increases libido; she mentions that she never reife dating uk Preis even bothers with "Mr.When Wilson was staying with House he arrives at his apartment to find a stethoscope on the doorknob: Wilson : You said.Near the end of his dementia-ridden father's life, Mark Greene datingsite für Verkauf on ER had to stop his dad from engaging in public masturbation.In Slackers there was a scene where a male character had to steal something from a female character's dorm while she wasn't there.To those who still don't get the analogy, the latter is called rock-rubbing.Both husband Makoto and wife Yura are shown to do this in Futari Ecchi.Visual Novels In Fate/stay night, one of the side effects of Zouken's magical parasite worms on Sakura is increased sexual frustration, which she tries to cope with through masturbation.At the firehouse when the first bell rings, everyone runs to the trucks; on the second bell, they gear up; and : on the third bell they jump on the trucks and head for the fire.Web Comics In Questionable Content, after a date in which everything went wrong, Steve gets off in Marten's bathroom.Mentioned on several occasions but (unlike the frakking ) never actually shown in Battlestar Galactica."She's taken it with her.In Woody Allen 's 19th-Century Russian Lit parody Love and Death, his character meets a gorgeous countess.Rimmer : How could you even contemplate making love to yourself?
In the film Real Genius, the plucky charismatic underdogs implant a radio in the braces of the pompous, sycophantic Kent.
Another is Shirou's erotic dream about Tohsaka in the same route.

Chuck Berry's "My Ding-a-Ling" blends this trope with a bucketload of Double Entendre.