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What have I done?Q And A, read And Write, science, sFW Porn.Art, culture, discussion, gaming, humor, info.This one has a deranged ending, one you hope wasnt made up simply for the Internets amusement.It sounds like some kind of animal.The most helpful thing about the PornFree community is the relief that I'm not alone, and I have an outlet to get help and have discussions with other porn addicts.George told, the Independent how many of his young male friends had been thinking of getting viagra to cure their erectile dysfunction.Before long, they start getting down to it and, since they didnt think I was home, they werent shy about being vocal.Weve all had to endure a roommate getting far too loud in his or her respective lovemaking.I hate it, I fucking hate it, and he does it anyway.It can also be anonymous, depending on what you choose.Porn addiction is not a clinically diagnosed condition.My goal in communities like these is make people feel OK to deal with this situation, PornFree member Jason whos recently passed the two-year porn-free mark, told.
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