If you see a road traffic incident happen where injuries are sustained or there is danger to other road users - for example on the motorway - or if you are involved in a serious road accident causing injuries or danger, dial 999 immediately.
All 999 calls go direct to the Control Room and are dealt with on a separate priority system, so that calls which are not true emergencies could cause a delay in getting help in some other life-threatening situation.
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If you witness a road traffic incident in which there are no injuries or danger involved, and you have information you think the police know about, please call in on 101 and do not ring 999.Immediate police attendance is not required, so please inform the police by ringing 101 and do not dial 999.Download a copy of the results here, and find out what people in the UK were saying about their sex lives.The 999 number should only be used for real emergencies - when life is at risk, when you see a crime in progress or there is a traffic incident involving personal injury or danger.Around 120,000 999 calls were made to Northamptonshire Police last year and while most were about serious emergencies, a constant average of around 24 percent were not appropriate, and about 13 percent were deliberate hoax or nuisance calls.If you see a crime in progress dial 999 immediately.Deliberate hoaxers can and will be traced police can see a number from which a call is made and will call it back!If you see an incident and then later realise that what you saw might have been suspicious - for example some stranger hanging around in your street or looking at vehicles - that is not a true emergency.An active sex life is an important element of a healthy relationship.Premature ejaculation, pain on intercourse, who we offer this service.Believe it or not, these were all 999 calls made to Northamptonshire Police.TextRelay, a service to help people who are deaf, blind, have hearing difficulties or are speech impaired (formerly TypeTalk).So what is a real emergency?Ive got no credit on my phone, can you tell my partner Im stuck in traffic.For example: You may return to your home to find intruders inside, you may see a neighbour's house being broken into, you may see masked men going into a shop and suspect a robbery is in progress.However, a large number of people may encounter sexual problems at some point in their lives.The 2012 Sex Census, during 2012, we teamed up with Ann dating Website text Summers to find out more about the sex lives of people across the.If a crime has already happened, for example you return home from a holiday to find your home has been burgled, or you return from a country walk to find your car has been broken into, or you find out after the event that some.For example: If you are being violently attacked by another person, if you see a street robbery, if you notice someone on top of a high building who is obviously disturbed and could jump, if you see a child being abducted or approached.It can be hard to judge what is or is not an emergency, but in general, you should call 999 if: Someones life is at risk or someone is being physically threatened.
True emergencies and require immediate police intervention.

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There is a road traffic collision causing personal injury or danger.
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