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Our friendly, professional scanning team are all fully qualified best friend Armbänder für zwei sonographers working alongside me within the NHS and are either registered with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) or the Health and Care Professionals Council (hcpc).
We have a number of different scan options for you performed in our comfortable clinics in Shoreham and Haywards Heath.
I am in a unique was ist der Fälligkeitstermin auf ein Auto Titel position as both a midwife and sonographer to offer women the reassurance they need at such an exciting but also daunting time.
The fetal heart beat can be seen as early as 6 week gestation and it is easier to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy using TV scanning.A written report of the consultation will be sent to your referring doctor on the same day.The aim of this service is to provide rapid access to diagnostic tests for women with complications of early finding out the gender, seeing your baby yawn in 4D or just to see how well it is growing and what it is up to in there.Research has shown that scanning with this technology can really encourage bonding for both parents, siblings and other family members and also be very reassuring.Neither screening test is currently available on the NHS.We do not need a referral from your local health professional for any of our scans or screening tests we offer you a service to fit your needs.In the unfortunate event of an abnormal result, advice and further management will be offered.This is useful in the early stage of pregnancy particularly when the initial trans-abdominal scan is inconclusive.Throughout your scan we discuss everything we see whilst giving you a few top tips to make your pregnancy easier!We are delighted to offer a gynaecological and fertility scanning service we can offer follicle tracking, endometrial thickness, assessment of the uterus and ovaries with a detailed report.We use the latest ultrasound technology in our clinics, our ultrasound machines are both Voluson E8s.At our Haywards Heath clinic we can offer you the latest in 4D HD live for your 4D scans, which takes you to a new level of clarity.Unexplained bleeding in early pregnancy.We also offer gender scans from around 16 weeks where can try to determine the babys sex.Our screening services include the Harmony test from 10 weeks, which is highly accurate in the risk detection for Downs syndrome.All results will be given to you immediately at the time of your visit.TV scans do not require a full bladder.
Early pregnancy assessment is carried out by using transvaginal ultrasonography (TV) and on occasions by a blood test, human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG).

The scan is performed with the probe placed in the vagina - 'an internal scan'.