On top of that, 62 million accounts from m, and 7 million from m were stolen, as well as a few million from other smaller properties owned by the company.
Of course, requesting an account deletion is no guarantee that your accounts details will actually be deleted.Home news » AdultFriendFinder data breach what you need.Those are terrible passwords!M was sold to Penthouse Global Media in February.Editors Note: The opinions expressed in this guest author article are solely those of the contributor, and do not necessarily reflect those of Tripwire, Inc 'om_loaded' 'om_loaded'.Are passwords at risk too?That also includes over 15 million "deleted" accounts that wasn't purged from the databases.At the time of writing, AdultFriendFinder has not published any statement on its website about the security breach.ZDNet verified the portion of data by contacting some of the users who were found in the breach.A quick look at the passwords that have erfahrung mit dating Website been exposed, sorted by popularity, tells a familiarly depressing tale.And make sure that you are not using the same password anywhere else on the net.The attack happened at around the same time as one security researcher, known as Revolver, disclosed a local file inclusion flaw on the AdultFriendFinder site, which if successfully exploited could allow an attacker to remotely run malicious code on the web server.Still, it sounds nasty and there clearly remains the potential for blackmail.One user (who we are not naming because of the sensitivity of the breach) confirmed he used the site once or twice, but said that the information they used was "fake" because the site requires users to sign.While a number of these claims proved to be false extortion attempts, we did identify and fix a vulnerability that was related to the ability to access source code through an injection vulnerability.